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2015 People Love us on Yelp award

2015 People Love us on Yelp award

In 2015 ToyoTechs received the...

Number 1 Reason to Have Regular Oil Changes

Number 1 Reason to Have Regular Oil Changes

The amount of damage that can ...

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  • Atlanta Hybrid Repair

    We understand hybrid technology because we have over a decade of experience on this ever-evolving type of car.

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  • Battery Replacement

    Let us inspect your hybrid battery if your MPG is dropping on your hybrid vehicle or performance has slowed.

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  • Appointment Request

    We work on most any regular japanese or american vehicle, as well as almost any hybrid car or truck.

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  • Hybrid Maintenance

    We are Atlanta Hybrid Repair. A division of ToyoTechs. We perform any and all types of hybrid maintenance.

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Atlanta’s first and only independent hybrid vehicle repair specialist.

The Toyota Prius was introduced in the United States in 2000 and that’s when we began our comprehensive skill development and training. During the next 12 years as Toyota and Lexus led the way with hybrid car evolution, we dedicated ourselves to becoming the leaders in hybrid technology. We’re not just a lower-priced alternative to dealerships. We have more experience, offer better service AND offer a lower price.

  •   Decade of experience
  •   Efficient and earth-friendly
  •   Deep understanding of hybrid technology

Atlanta Hybrid News

Atlanta Hybrid News listens to the pulse of our ever changing industry to keep you up to date on Hybrid products and services.

Toyota Cancels Scion Brand; ToyoTechs Will Service and Repair Scions for Many Years to Come

Toyota Cancels Scion Bran...

On February 3, 2016 Toyota killed off the Scion brand...

2015 People Love us on Yelp award

2015 People Love us on Ye...

In 2015 ToyoTechs received the 2015 People Love us on...

Number 1 Reason to Have Regular Oil Changes

Number 1 Reason to Have R...

The amount of damage that can be caused by having...

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Atlanta Hybrid Repair

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