Keep Falling Leaves and Debris Off Your Car

Wednesday, 18 October 2017 20:58

Keep Falling Leaves and Debris Off Your Car


Its that time of year when the leaves are turning beautiful colors and start falling all over. When you notice leaves and debris around the bottom of your windshield it is important that you remove them.


The leaves, dead bugs and road debris on the front of your car will slowly work its way throughout your cars airflow system into your cabin air filter and possibly into your evaporator core which is part of your A/C system.


Replacing an evaporator core requires that your dashboard be taken completely out of your car. To put this in more of a dollars and cents thought, having the evaporator core replaced is around $2500. YIKES !!! Thats a lot of money that possibly could be saved just by keeping the falling leaves and debris off your vehicle.


Also during your regular vehicle maintenance you typically want to replace your cabin filter twice a year. The cost of a cabin filter is $40 for most cars and is well worth replacing as it allows you to breath better cleaner air inside your vehicle.

Get a Pre Purchase Inspection Before Buying, Flooded Cars For Sale


According to news reports there are between 500,000 and 1,000,000 cars that were damaged in recent flooding from hurricanes Harvey and Irma. Many of these vehicles will be crushed and recycled. However many of these vehicles will be “repaired” and offered for sale. YIKES !!!


Over the years we’ve had many customers who purchased a used vehicle only to find out that they purchased a lemon when they brought it in for service. I cannot tell you how often we find oil leaks, coolant leaks, bad brakes, bent frames and water damage when we do an inspection after purchase.


Recently we had a customer who did a pre purchase inspection on a truck that they purchased for their son. The problem was it was inspected at a muffler chain that isn't qualified to do inspections but said they were. Our customer did not know this at the time. The vehicle ended up having a very rusted underside and had several leaks.


Whether it be rust, wrecked or flooded this all could've been averted just by having a pre purchase inspection done here at Atlanta Hybrid Repair. During this inspection we look at tires, brakes, belts, hoses, suspension and engine putting the vehicle up in the air on a lift. It is a slight inconvenience and will take 30 minutes to an hour however it could save you thousands of dollars.


You can also do a free check with Carfax to see if your vehicle has been reported as flood damaged. Carfax is a great source to also see if the vehicle has other issues.


When I was helping my daughter look for a car last spring several cars that looked great in pictures we eliminated from just looking at the Carfax report. Cars from up north were eliminated because of possible rust others had been wrecked and others had a lack of information that made us weary.  It really saved us a lot of time and she ended up with a 2015 RAV4 with low miles at a good price.

Important: Recall Notice of Remedy for Takata Airbags


15 months ago I sent out information about the recall concerning the Takata Airbag that was defective in many Toyota, Lexus, Scion and other brands. Well I finally received my “remedy” notice in the mail yesterday. (I do wonder why something so important took so long to get a fix)


This is an important fix as there have been 16 deaths caused by the defective airbag. The recall notice for the Takata Airbag affected over 40 million vehicles. The description below is a direct quote from Toyota on my “remedy” to repair my vehicle.


“The subject vehicles are equipped with front passenger airbag inflators produced by Takata. The propellant in these inflators may degrade after prolonged exposure to high absolute humidity and fluctuating high temperatures. Degraded propellant can cause inflator rupture during airbag deployment. In the event of an inflator rupture, metal fragments could pass through the airbag cushion material, striking the vehicle occupants, and result in serious injury or death”.


Also stated by Toyota in my “remedy” notice “Until the remedy is performed, we recommend that you do not operate the vehicle with an occupant in the front passenger seat”


I know a lot of you also own other vehicles so I am providing links to other vehicle brands. These are useful links to find out about all your vehicle’s recall notices. Please check your vin in the below provided links: - Toyota, Lexus and Scion    - Honda     - Acura     - Infiniti     - Nissan    - Mazda     - Hyundai - Kia   - GM   - Ford    -  Chrysler    -  US government page for all recalls    - US Government recall page for Takata air bags

Thanks and be safe !!!

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