No Need to Idle Your Car in Cold Weather

Monday, 08 January 2018 22:23 Chris

No Need to Idle Your Car in Cold Weather


This was originally sent out last winter however with the freezing weather I thought it was pertinent to send out again. It seems as though we’ve had more winter in the last month than the last 3 years combined.


Back in the day everybody would idle their vehicle to get the engine warm. That’s when all cars had carburetors. However it’s been 30 years since that was commonplace. With today's fuel injectors, computer systems and thinner oils you don’t need to warm up your car’s engine like in the good old days.


The best way to warm up your car is to start it up, wait a few seconds and go. It takes 3-10 minutes to warm your engine so just don’t gun the engine at the start. Just take it easy.  As your engine becomes warmer the computer sensors in your car will adjust the fuel mixture to be less rich until your car’s engine heats up to 40 degrees.


Idling your car for more than 30 seconds wastes gas, causes excessive wear to cylinders, piston rings, spark plugs and can even harm your exhaust system. So to be clear with the point, idling is not an effective or wise way to warm up your car.


So unless you're driving a 1980’s vehicle which we assume your not, dress warm get in your car and go.

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