Number 1 Reason to Have Regular Oil Changes

Saturday, 02 April 2016 13:30 ToyoTechs

The amount of damage that can be caused by having little or no oil in your car is tremendous. If driving down the road your engine starts to knock and the oil light comes on stop immediately. This makes the point of having your oil checked on a regular basis leads to a better running and safer car.

ToyoTechs recommends that you have your oil changed at minimum twice a year and more often if you drive a lot. Regular maintenance will help your car last longer and in the long run possibly save you thousands of dollars.

This is a picture of 3x5 inch hole blown into the bottom of a engine. Unfortunately for this customer they ran their engine with not enough oil in it for too long and had to have their engine replaced.

engine hole

We don’t want to see this happen to your vehicle so remember to have your oil checked and changed at regular intervals.

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