Keep Falling Leaves and Debris Off Your Car

Wednesday, 18 October 2017 20:58 Chris

Keep Falling Leaves and Debris Off Your Car


Its that time of year when the leaves are turning beautiful colors and start falling all over. When you notice leaves and debris around the bottom of your windshield it is important that you remove them.


The leaves, dead bugs and road debris on the front of your car will slowly work its way throughout your cars airflow system into your cabin air filter and possibly into your evaporator core which is part of your A/C system.


Replacing an evaporator core requires that your dashboard be taken completely out of your car. To put this in more of a dollars and cents thought, having the evaporator core replaced is around $2500. YIKES !!! Thats a lot of money that possibly could be saved just by keeping the falling leaves and debris off your vehicle.


Also during your regular vehicle maintenance you typically want to replace your cabin filter twice a year. The cost of a cabin filter is $40 for most cars and is well worth replacing as it allows you to breath better cleaner air inside your vehicle.

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