• Heating & Air Conditioning

    We want our vehicles to be as comfortable as possible because we spend a lot of time driving in Atlanta traffic. When the AC or heating system is not working properly, getting a correct diagnosis is the key to a quick and affordable fix. At times when your heater goes out, it can be a simple problem such as a blown fuse, or your AC might just need charging. If your vehicle's AC or heating is out, call us today. We are experts at AC and heating repairs.

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  • Transmission Repair

    Transmission repairs can be expensive. We understand this at Atlanta Hybrids. That’s why we’ll get the job done right at a fair price. Our techs are not only experts at repairing and replacing hybrid transmissions, but they have all the right equipment to work on hybrids. Give us a call today and we will have a look at your transmission.

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  • Water Pump

    The water pump or coolant pump cools the engine when it circulates coolant through your radiator and engine. They are driven by timing belts, some by a belt. The shaft or pulley can wear out after a while. That’s why we always take a peek at the water pump to see if there is any staining or other indication that it could start leaking.

  • Power Doors, Locks, Windows...

    Repairing and rebuilding power door locks, power windows and climate control servo motors is just an everyday task at Atlanta Hybrids. We can often do this by repairing or rebuilding existing components. This way we aren’t replacing with complete factory new assemblies, saving you a lot of money.

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  • Brakes

    Your brakes literally save your life. You need to know they will work when you need them. If you suspect a problem with your brakes, don’t take chances. Call us today. Your brakes are one of the most important components in your car. At Atlanta Hybrids we will only recommend repairs that you actually need.

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  • Timing Belt

    You hear a lot about timing belts and how important it is to make sure they are in good shape. If the timing belt breaks, the engine stops running sometimes causing major engine damage. So we make it a point to keep an eye on them. We’ve replaced thousands. It is typically recommended as part of regular maintenance around 90,000 miles. This is a big deal, but we’ll make sure you don’t even run into a problem.

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  • Hybrid Battery Replacement

    Here at Atlanta Hybrid Repair, we are experts in the removal and replacement of “dead” hybrid batteries.

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  • First Dedicated Hyrbid Repair Shop in Atlanta

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